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Importance of Quran Tafsir


The Quran is the last and most sacred book of Allah (SWT), revealed to Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is a complete guide for all people around the globe. It offers solutions to any kind of problem that we face in our daily lives. To find guidance in our lives, it is important to read the Holy Quran regularly and understand the teachings of the Quran through its Tafsir.

To understand the true meaning of the teachings of the Quran, learning about the Quran Tafsir in Islam is of great importance. It helps us dig deeper into what the Quran means. Learning about Tafsir and related topics is key to grasping the Quran’s true meanings.

As mentioned in the Quran:

Surah Nahl Ayat 89

And We have sent down to you the Book as clarification for all things and as guidance and mercy and good tidings for the Muslims.

(Surah Nahl Ayat 89)

What is Tafsir?

In Islam and the Quran, Tafsir means explaining the words of Allah in the Quran. It’s the ONLY way to understand what each verse means. Quran Tafsir is a part of Islamic studies that focuses on revealing the meanings behind Quranic verses.

The Arabic word “Tafsir” comes from “Fassara,” which means explaining and making things clearer. And the author of a tafsir is called Mufassir.

Why is Quran Tafsir Important?

Quran Tafseer is important because it helps us understand the Quran better. It is not enough to just read the Quran, we also need to know the context, the history, and the interpretation of its verses. Quran Tafsir helps us learn about these aspects and more. By learning the Quran Tafsir, we can appreciate the wisdom and the message of Allah (SWT) in the Quran. We can also apply the Quran’s teachings to our daily lives and find guidance and peace.

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Following are the benefits, that tell us about the importance of Quran Tafsir:

Getting the Message

Quran Tafsir helps us understand what Allah is trying to say in the Quran. It explains the meanings behind the verses, so we know what Allah wants us to know.

Avoiding Mistakes

Tafsir stops us from getting the Quran’s message wrong. It guides us to understand the verses correctly, so we don’t misunderstand what the Quran is saying.

Putting it in Context

Quran Tafsir shows us how the Quran fits into history and culture. It helps us see how the Quran’s teachings are meant for our time and place.

Helping in Daily Life

Quran Tafsir gives us practical advice for living as Muslims. It shows us how to use Islamic teachings in our behavior, families, communities, and even in how we govern.

Deepening Faith

Quran Tafseer makes us feel closer to Allah and Islam. It lets us think deeply about the Quran’s wisdom, making our faith stronger.

Thinking and Learning

Quran Tafsir makes us think and learn more. It encourages us to think about the Quran’s words, helping us understand Islam better.

Bringing People Together

Quran Tafsir helps Muslims agree more. It gives us a way to understand the Quran together, even if we might see things a bit differently. It helps us find common ground in our understanding of Islam.

What is the Objective of the Tafsir?

The objective and importance of the Quran Tafsir shows up in various ways.

  • Quran Tafseer aims to solve current issues using the Quran’s teachings.
  • It explains how incredible the Quran is, its principles, and the topics it covers. The Quran is timeless, so its teachings are practical and relevant everywhere.
  • Tafsir also aligns with the Quran’s main goals, making these goals real in Muslims’ lives.
  • It follows Allah’s command to think about and understand the Quran, including its laws.
  • Quran Tafsir also reveals new sides to the Quran’s miracles. For instance, it shows how the Quran relates to science, education, economics, and media, using the Quran’s teachings wisely without exaggerating or ignoring them.

What are the Main Principles of Tafsir?

The main principles of Tafsir (the interpretation of the Quran) are as follows:

  1. Quranic verses should be interpreted based on their linguistic and grammatical meanings.
  2. Quran Tafsir should be based on the context and historical background of the verses.
  3. Tafsir should be consistent with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the understanding of the early Muslim scholars.
  4. Tafsir should not contradict other verses of the Quran or established principles of Islamic theology.
  5. Quran Tafseer should take into account the objectives and wisdom behind the verses.
  6. Tafsir should be done with humility and a sincere intention to seek knowledge and guidance from the Quran.
  7. Tafsir should be mindful of the diversity of interpretations within the Islamic tradition and respect different scholarly opinions.
  8. Tafsir should prioritize the spiritual and moral lessons that can be derived from the verses.
  9. Tafsir should avoid excessive speculation or personal opinions that are not supported by evidence.
  10. Tafsir should be accessible and understandable to the general audience, while also catering to the needs of advanced scholars.

What are the Three Types of Tafsir?

The three main types of  Quran Tafsir;

Tafsir bil-Riwaya

These sources come from the Quran itself. They explain by referring to other Quran verses that talk about the same topic.

Another source is the sayings and actions of the Prophet (PBUH). His words and actions help us understand what the Quranic verses mean.

The third source is how the Prophet Muhammad’s companions (PBUH) understood the Quran. They learned directly from being around and talking to the Prophet (PBUH), so their understanding is really important.

Tafsir Bi-i-Ra’y

This type of Quran Tafseer is called Ijtihad. It’s not about passing down knowledge but about using reasoning. It’s crucial to note that Ijtihad isn’t about making quick or random interpretations. Instead, scholars compare texts, traditions, and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad’s respected Companions (PBUH). Through this comparison, scholars discuss and reach a particular understanding of Quranic verses.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran:

Surah Sad verse 29

This is a blessed Book which We have revealed to you ˹O Prophet˺ so that they may contemplate its verses, and people of reason may be mindful.

(Surah Sad verse 29)


It means explaining Quran verses using hints or indirect clues instead of direct explanations. It’s about finding deeper meanings in the Quran by looking at subtle hints in the text.


In conclusion, understanding the importance of the Quran, and Tafsir helps a lot with that. By looking at language, history, Prophet’s teachings, and thinking carefully, Tafsir helps us understand what the Quran is saying. It’s like a guidebook that helps us deal with today’s problems too. Whether it’s explaining things clearly or giving hints, Tafsir helps us understand the Quran better, believe stronger, and live by its teachings.






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