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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) First Revelation


Before the Revelation

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born and raised in Mecca. He (SAW) used to spend many hours alone in prayer and contemplation of the aspects of creation. Before heading straight into a cave on Mount An-Nur called Hira, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to prepare some basic food and drink for himself. Where the Prophet (SAW) received the first revelation. The cave was small, measuring approximately 2 miles from Makkah, and was only 4 yards long and 1.75 yards wide.

During the holy month of Ramadan, in the third year of his solitude in the cave of Hira, he (SAW) was 40 years old, the age of absolute perfection at which Prophets (SAW) were always required to reveal their message. Following this tradition, Allah Almighty bestowed prophetic status upon Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and revealed some verses of the Quran to him. This marked the beginning of a new era in Islamic history and set the stage for spreading Allah’s mercy worldwide.

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Story of the First Revelation

On the sixteenth night of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was in the cave of Hira when he received the first Revelation. It was the 17th night of Ramadan on Monday when the angel Jibril (AS) appeared before him and said, “Read!” The Prophet of Allah (SAW) replied, “I am not a reader.” Jibril (AS) grabbed and squeezed him so tightly that he could not bear it. He released him and again said, “Read!” The Prophet (SAW) repeated his earlier reply. For the third time, Jibril (AS) squeezed him, and when he let go, he commanded him, “Read!” The Prophet (SAW) once again replied, “I am not a reader.” Three times, he squeezed me till I couldn’t bear it anymore. He let go of me and stated,

Surah Al-Alaq the First Revelation

Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created۔ Created humans from a clinging clot. Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous. Who taught by the pen. Taught humanity what they knew not. (Surah Al-Alaq: 1-5)

The Prophet (peace be upon Him) repeated these verses while fearfully trembling.

After Revelation

After receiving a revelation, the Prophet (SAW) made his way back. His heart was darting, and the Prophet of Allah (SAW) came to Hazrat Khadeejah (RA and said, “Cover me!” Protect me! He kept him covered till his terror subsided. He (SAW) told Hazrat Khadeejah (RA) what had happened and stated, “O Khadeejah, I fear for myself.” Never, Hazrat Khadeejah (RA) replied. Allah Almighty won’t ever let you down. You protect family ties, speak the truth, aid the needy, show generosity in serving your visitors, and help those who are affected by disaster. You maintain solid relationships with your family.

Waraqah’s Confirmation

Hazrat Khadeejah sent him to Waraqah ibn Nawfal, her paternal uncle’s son, who was a pre-Islamic convert to Christianity. He was old and blind. Hazrat Khadijah said, “My cousin! Listen to your nephew!” Waraqah said, “O my nephew! What did you see?” The Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) told him what had happened to him.

Waraqah replied,

Waraqah responded, “This is the angel that Allah Almighty sent to reveal the Divine Secrets to Moses (RA). I wish I could be younger. Will people drive me out when they reject you?” Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon Him) asked.

Yes, Waraqah replied. There has never been a man who has brought what you have delivered without suffering criticism. You have my full support if I survive to see that day. A few days later, Waraqah passed away, and the Revelation temporarily stopped. At this point, the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon Him) was overcome with sorrow.

After a forty-day break, revelations resumed coming to the Holy Prophet (SAW). He continues, “One day, I heard a sound in the sky while walking. I looked up towards the sky and saw the angel who had come to me, Jibril, seated on a throne halfway between the earth and the heaven. I lost my balance and fell to the ground.

When I returned home, I said, “Cover me.”! Cover me!” Upon this, God the Exalted sent down this Revelation:

(Surah Al-Muddaththir: 1-5)

O you covered up in your clothes!. Arise and warn all. Revere your Lord alone. Purify your garments. Continue to shun idols. (Surah Al-Muddaththir: 1-5)


The Cave of Hira witnessed a momentous historical turning point as Prophet Muhammad (SAW) received his First Revelation in solitude. The arrival of Angel Jibril, the initial fear experienced by Prophet Muhammad (SAW), and the unwavering support of Hazrat Khadeejah (RA) and Waraqah all played a critical role in laying the foundation for the birth of Islam. This pivotal event marked the beginning of a spiritual journey that would transform the world, leaving an indelible mark on Islamic history and shaping the faith that continues to guide millions today.






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