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5 Short Duas for Daily Gratitude Every Muslim Should Know


Showing Gratitude Towards Allah (SWT)

Allah (SWT) is the One God. He is the Creator, the Provider, and the Sustainer of all things He willed into existence. He only has to ‘will’ something to be, and it is. That is the power of Allah (SWT). He made all the creatures. He made the angels, the jinns, and, of course, humans.

As humans, we hold a special place among Allah’s (SWT) creations. Allah has elevated our rank among all of His creations. But what truly requires our gratitude and thankfulness towards our Creator (SWT) is that we have been given so many blessings that it is impossible to count or list them. Gratitude towards Allah (SWT), or shukr, is a key aspect of worship that we must not neglect.

Allah (SWT) ‘s Blessings

Allah (SWT) bestows unlimited blessings on His creations. Whether believers or non-believers, Allah (SWT) always cares for us. He is Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) and Ar-Rahim (The Merciful).

Our health, wealth, family, friends, and all the good in our lives are due to Allah (SWT). Even the difficulties we face are from Allah (SWT), and they are to test us or turn us in the right direction. The reality is that our knowledge is inadequate, and we fail to recognize certain blessings.

Indeed, Allah (SWT) proclaims in the Holy Quran:

“Whatsoever the blessings you enjoy are surely from God, and when in trouble, you turn to Him in supplication.” [16:53]

In return, we have very little to offer to Allah (SWT). He does not require our worship or praise. There are countless angels in heaven doing the same. This is mentioned in the following verse of the Glorious Quran concerning angels:

“Nor stop to attempt praising Him day and night.” [21:20]

Still, we must show our gratitude to Allah (SWT) and be thankful for all the blessings He has given us, even without us asking for them. To enhance your supplications, you can explore the importance of Dua in a Muslim’s life.

Ways to Show Gratitude Towards the Creator

We can show gratitude towards Allah (SWT) by following His commands. Obligatory worship, like the five daily prayers and fasting during Ramadan, is the bare minimum we can do to gain Allah’s (SWT) favor.

Obligatory prayers must be offered properly. For instance, punctuality is key when offering salah. Finding the exact prayer timings for where you live is easy. There are so many mobile applications that allow you to get accurate updates. You can get prayer timings no matter where you are in the world; click here for salah timings in Doha.

Dhikr can also help you thank Allah (SWT). It simply is the remembrance of Allah (SWT), and remembering Allah with a tone of gratitude is a great way to thank Him. For instance, saying ‘Alhamdulillah‘ repeatedly is a short and easy dhikr anyone can do. For those who seek a more heartfelt connection through prayer, regularly offering Tahajjud prayer is the best way.

However, if you want to learn and recite famous supplications specifically to thank Allah (SWT), then there are those as well.

Five Daily Supplications for Showing Gratitude to Allah (SWT)

Here are five short duas that anyone can learn and recite daily to show gratitude towards Allah (SWT):

1. Glorifying Allah (SWT)

“Glory be to Allah”

This supplication is a short phrase that can be repeated again and again in tasbeeh. According to a hadith of the Holy Prophet (SAW) in Sahih Muslim, reciting ‘Subhaanallaahi‘ a hundred times every day provides a thousand times the reward and removes a thousand sins. It is a simple yet effective supplication that any Muslim can recite daily, no matter what they are doing.

2. Thanking Allah (SWT)

“Oh Allah, thanking You is a blessing; you deserve all thankfulness. All praise is due to Allah the way His magnificence deserves to be praised.”

This beautiful dua can be learned easily and repeated multiple times a day. The supplication thanks Allah (SWT), for He alone is worthy of praise. We can invoke it after each of the five daily prayers. It is best to recite any tasbeeh an odd number of times, though that is not mandatory.

3. Praising Allah (SWT) and Gaining Rewards

“Glory is to Allah, and praise is to Allah, and there is none worthy of worship but Allah, and Allah is the Most Great”

This short prayer begins with glorifying Allah (SWT) and acknowledging that Allah (SWT) alone is worthy of such praise as He is the One God. The Holy Prophet (SAW) reports the dua to hold a special place. It is a comprehensive dua that beautifully summarizes the concept of Tawheed.

Any praise we present to Allah (SWT) is multiplied and returned to us in the form of rewards. Even thanking Allah (SWT) for His blessings leads to more blessings. We may not always realize this because the rewards we receive may be postponed until the Day of Judgement.

4. Gratitude for Allah’s (SWT) Power

“There is no power and no might except by Allah”

Being grateful to Allah (SWT) requires acknowledging His All-Powerful nature. Allah (SWT) possesses all the might. There is nothing that is beyond His power and will. When we are thankful to someone, we must list their favors. With Allah (SWT), all that is good in this world is a favor from Him. This is why Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Quran again and again:

“How many favors of your Lord will you then both deny?” [55:13]

We can never praise Allah (SWT) enough, even if we pray and do dhikr day and night without any interruption. Therefore, it is essential to consistently show gratitude towards Allah (SWT) through our actions and prayers.

5. Dua for Gratitude from the Holy Quran

“O Lord, guide me to thank You for the favors You have bestowed on me and my parents, and to do things good as may please You, and give me a righteous offspring. I turn to You in repentance and submit.” [46:15]

All other supplications are also from the Holy Quran or the Holy Prophet (SAW) himself. This particular verse of Surah Al-Ahqaaf is one of the most prominent duas for thanking Allah (SWT). These are the direct words of Allah (SWT) and indicate how we should say our thanks to Him.

It is a short dua that can be memorized easily. Muslims can recite this supplication multiple times every day while going about their daily tasks, thus maintaining a state of continuous gratitude towards Allah (SWT).

The Importance of Being Grateful

When we do a favor for someone, we at least expect them to be appreciative of our actions. This same logic applies to Allah (SWT), who is the source of all blessings. We must be thankful to Allah (SWT) for everything He has given us and all the difficulties He has protected us from. It is hard to understand all that the Allah Almighty has blessed us with. We are far too ungrateful and blind to the truth to realize this. Supplications for thanking Allah (SWT) are a small way in which we can begin to show our gratitude towards Allah (SWT).

Author Bio: Dur-e-Sabih provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. Her educational background in  Accountancy helps her in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development, finance, and digital marketing.  






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